Allergies cut by friendly bacteria supplement

When pregnant women and infants were given a probiotic in a test, the babies were 57% less likely to develop eczema. They were 44% less likely to develop reactions to common allergens such as pollen, cow’s milk, egg and dust mites.

More than 21m adults in the UK suffer some allergic reaction according to a 2010 study by market researches Mintel.

The double-blind placebo-controlled Swansea University study involved 454 pairs of mothers and infants, who took a daily dose of the probiotic supplement from 36 weeks of pregnancy and during the first six months of life.
When the babies were assessed at two years of age, it was found that those taking the probiotic significantly reduced their chance of becoming allergic to common allergens such as pollen, cat dander (microscopic skin particles), house dust mites, cow’s milk and egg by 44%.
The risk of the children developing atopic eczema was reduced by 57%.

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