I am a Nutritional Therapist

Specialist in digestive, chronic inflammatory, and female fertility issues. I use nutrition to give you the power to change your life for the positive and optimise your health. My approach combines integrative and functional medicine using diagnostic tests to assess imbalances to get to the root of health concerns. I focus on the whole person and utilize a therapeutic approach to achieve optimal health and healing.

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My mission is to empower you with the transformative potential of nutrition, enabling you to embark on a positive life-changing path and elevate your overall health.

Nutritional consultations
Functional medicine testing
Fertility nutrition program


Anna Winek has been a great source of knowledge and advice to me. She is a competent nutritionist and is passionate about how nutrition can impact physical and emotional health.
During my fertility challenging years, I have found Anna to be different from other nutritionists or some nutritional organisations.
She explains the issue and the root cause and suggests appropriate solutions.
Everything she covers is very clear and then presented in reports easy to follow, which I still refer to.
I’m now expecting my first child after 9 years of struggling to get pregnant. Anna has definitely been a critical part of this success and will remain a positive part of my paternal journey in the future.


Anna has helped me with my IBS, she is passionate about what she does and that reflects on the results. She listens and adapts to your needs, she does a great amount of research to ensure you get the best recommendations for what you need. I trust her because I know she prescribes what is best for me, not what's going to give her the highest commission. She has great work ethics, well worth the money.


Anna is the best consultant I have found. I did my research and asked the College of Naturopathic Medicine and I thank them to put Anna on the list of a few consultants they recommended. She is competent, thorough and caring. She has not only helped me but also my mother, father and sister. There is a huge value for education and knowledge that she puts in front of me, e.g she provides the reason why some symptoms appear and how to deal with them. I am very grateful, thank you Anna.


‘’You deserve healthcare focused on you”