Anna Winek has been a great source of knowledge and advice to me. She is a competent nutritionist and is passionate about how nutrition can impact physical and emotional health.
During my fertility challenging years, I have found Anna to be different from other nutritionists or some nutritional organisations.
She explains the issue and the root cause and suggests appropriate solutions.
Everything she covers is very clear and then presented in reports easy to follow, which I still refer to.
I’m now expecting my first child after 9 years of struggling to get pregnant. Anna has definitely been a critical part of this success and will remain a positive part of my paternal journey in the future.


Anna has helped me with my IBS, she is passionate about what she does and that reflects on the results. She listens and adapts to your needs, she does a great amount of research to ensure you get the best recommendations for what you need. I trust her because I know she prescribes what is best for me, not what's going to give her the highest commission. She has great work ethics, well worth the money.


Anna is the best consultant I have found. I did my research and asked the College of Naturopathic Medicine and I thank them to put Anna on the list of a few consultants they recommended. She is competent, thorough and caring. She has not only helped me but also my mother, father and sister. There is a huge value for education and knowledge that she puts in front of me, e.g she provides the reason why some symptoms appear and how to deal with them. I am very grateful, thank you Anna.


I met Anna 4 months ago for the first time when she suggested particular tests based on my symptoms. They were spot on and got onto the root cause of my issue. I'm feeling so much better and happier now. Thank you Anna.


The nutritional therapy Anna provided helped optimise my health and general fitness. Energy levels are higher, allergies less severe and quality of sleep better. A great choice for me.


I came across Anna 8 weeks ago, as I was in search of someone who would help me in my journey to heal. I had a really positive experience in meeting Anna, as she guided me through my test results. She is very knowledgable, thorough, patient and has pin pointed focus areas that need attention, and even recommending useful tests I should complete. Although recommendations are never going to be 100% accurate first time, we are getting to granular areas of focus following close analysis of test results to begin my healing journey. This is only after 2 visits. I have noticed a big turnaround already, which has positively impacted my career as well as allowing me to feel more at ease with life generally. I like Anna's customised approach and genuine conern for the individuals wellbeing. I have seen many practioners in the past but none compare to Anna, I would highly recommend her if you want to begin the journey of healing.


I contacted Anna about the juice workshop that she provides through her service workshops and I got an immediate response back. She told me exactly what was going to happen that day and she answered all of my questions. She is a very good nutritional therapist as she gave me additional information which would help me after the workshop has finished. The workshop has improved my diet alot since and given me additional knowledge. I would recommend other people searching for a nutritional therapist to contact Anna. Thank you Anna.


Thank you Anna for improving my health when doctors turned me away and told me to ‘just live with it’. Your knowledge and expertise are great. Without your help, I would still be suffering. Your kind, professional and level-headed approach is the perfect combination and I’m so glad I met you. I highly recommend a visit to Anna.


I can't thank Anna enough. She is a great nutritional therapist, highly passionate about what she does and her knowledge in the field is overwhelming. She talks in depth about the problem and finds the best way to help and put you at ease. I highly recommend her.


I cannot thank you enough for your advice and knowledge and the difference it has made to how I and all those feel – physically & mentally who you're helping.
Your true passion and steady self-improvement make you a genuine recommendation.


Anna is a wonderful person and very competent nutritional therapist. Her huge knowledge and an open mind built my trust straight away. She helped my 11 years old son with Crohn’s Disease (IBD). With her advice and recommendation my son has managed to escape serious operation. He leads a normal life, he goes to school and he is an active child. She always stays in regular contact with us and she answers all questions. Grateful Mum.


For a year I've been suffering from bad skin, bloated stomach and sluggish digestion and felt tired all the time. I turned my heart to Anna who helped me with my symptoms and also made a diet plan for me with do and don't food list, supplements, I followed her diet plan for 3 months and the result was amazing bloating improved dramatically my energy level improved and skin looked more clearer. I would definitely recommend Anna her knowledge is abousletly amazing and she's so passionate what she does.