Stool test and gut microbiome

How stool test can help your gut issues?

Stool tests have helped countless people get to the root of their illnesses. When Gabrielle Dyer, SL’s Beauty Editor, couldn’t get to the bottom of why she had been feeling so unwell for so long, she decided to give it a go – she came to see me in the clinic. Her full story can be found in here 

Back in 400 BC, Hippocrates stated how “death sits in the bowels” and the more we know, the more we grow to view the gut as the epicentre of good health. Based on a functional medicine approach, a comprehensive stool analysis test looks at the microbiology in your gut. It also indicates where there are imbalances or even absences of particular bacteria. The stool test also looks at inflammation, infection, and digestion.

What is the gut testing looking for?

The biomarkers from stool tests provide key clinical information for three main gastrointestinal functional areas:
1. Digestion/absorption: How well you break your food down into fibre and protein, and how well you are digesting and absorbing fats.
2. Inflammation/Immunology: The level your immune system is functioning at.
3. Gut microbiome: The levels of good bacteria in your gut. This also determines if you have any infections of bacteria, yeast or parasites. The 24 commensal bacteria give an insight into general patterns and trends.

Why should you choose stool test?

Choosing digestive tests can be difficult, especially when the symptoms seem to be coming from everywhere in your body. The first thing to consider is if the symptoms suggest an acute infection, such as parasites or food poisoning. If this is the case, then testing to identify the organism is best. This usually involves a stool test. If your symptoms are chronic or more vague, then it is advised to look into the root causes (there are often many). Dysbiosis, malabsorption, nutrient depletion, and GI dysfunctions such as gas, bloating, indigestion, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and constipation can all play a part. Based on your symptoms and medical history taken during the consultation, your practitioner will assess your needs and choose the right diagnostic test. Functional tests are more in-depth than standard digestive tests.

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